Our Story


"I've never seen anything like this before"  J.W. Cooper is a luxury retailer like no other, surprising our loyal clientele for more than 30 years with custom accessories and the most unusual items including handmade custom buckles, handcrafted sterling silver jewelry for men and women and one-of-a-kind fine art carvings.  Fashion meets art and makes a statement that truly expresses your individuality.  Like their mediums, their thought-provoking and universally relatable pieces tell stories worthy of collection and passing on to future generations.  Organic elements and artifacts shape their foundation as subtle accents of precious and semi-precious gemstones occasionally make an appearance, completing the narrative in sparkling detail.  The original art pieces exude a life of their own, brought to light by the unparalleled artistry of early carving traditions.

A luminary in the men’s and women’s high-end accessory market, with our legendary men’s designer belt and custom buckle collection – the sizzle of the business with more than 250 styles – alongside our famed selection of sterling silver jewelry including sterling silver buckles, sterling silver buckle sets, sterling silver necklaces and sterling silver bracelets, gold buckles, timepiece cuff links, pocket knives, pens, exquisite fine art carvings and more. Formed from precious and semiprecious metals, gemstones and the rarest, most exotic materials, every handmade, one-of-a-kind, contemporary accessory and collectible is a work of museum-quality art. We also offer custom-designed items, regularly handcrafting commissioned pieces with distinctive, modern expression. Our custom-designed luxury gifts are not only a unique way to express appreciation, but a work of art sure to be passed down through the generations.

The men and women who have shopped at J.W. COOPER are on a quest for original luxury items that will convey their personality and become an extension of them. From the first purchase, whether for oneself or as a gift, a collector is born.

Enveloping, intriguing and unexpected, the masterworks available at our store surpass the standards of luxury. Paired with Prada, Gucci or Zegna, our sterling silver jewelry, gold buckles, timepiece cuflinks and more, individualize designer wardrobes, transforming fashion frondeurs into style icons. Our collectibles call attention, whether resting exquisitely on a desk or being used to scribe a personal note. And, our fine art carvings, with their capricious motifs and intricate features, are unparalleled.

Here, the possibilities to ignite excitement are infinite, and the creative forces behind our products wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the leading destination for handmade, one-of-a-kind and custom contemporary accessories and collectibles. We are committed to providing men and women with a merchandise mix unlike any other that complements their designer wardrobe, while confidently expressing their personal style in any given setting. We strive to consistently deliver a buying experience as original as our clients.

About the Owner

“I love to find something different for the business, whether it’s a gripping new work by a designer or creating a custom accessory alongside an artist” – Todd Rauchwerger, CEO

Since starting out as a part time salesperson at $3.50 an hour in the store’s earliest days and then becoming the owner of the business in 1998, now CEO Todd Rauchwerger has been steering the company's success – one amazing hand-crafted creation at a time.

Featuring a core compilation and ever-changing assortment of luxury accessories for men and women, including handmade solid gold belt buckles, sterling silver buckles, exotic and designer belts, one-of-a-kind pocket knives, luxury pens, timepiece cuff links and mammoth ivory carvings, among other unique works of art, Rauchwerger is relentlessly on the hunt for the next beguiling piece to put on exhibit. His foresight routinely captures national media attention, landing J.W. Cooper editorial coverage in leading publications, such as Robb Report, The New York Times and Elite Traveler, and further cementing the brand’s foothold in this special luxury arena.

After three decades of steering his Bal Harbour store to success, Rauchwerger predicts a day when his loyal customers will have the opportunity to enjoy shopping with J.W. Cooper in additional markets in the U.S. and overseas, while introducing a fresh audience to the J.W. Cooper name.

Regardless of how much he grows the company or how much prestige it receives, one element will remain a constant with Rauchwerger: the joy he receives from seeing the look of amazement on every customer who walks through his doors and hearing them say, “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

And that, precisely, is the point-–a point which some clients take quite seriously, requesting custom-designed buckles and jewelry pieces for themselves or as gifts. In fact, Rauchwerger takes great pride in knowing his clients can indulge in custom pieces exclusively designed by an artist. Every piece is a work of art, and goes beyond being simply an accessory.

Our Store

After 25 years of having a location in the Bal Harbour Shops, the J.W. COOPER flagship store has closed. We will still be offering the unique and one of a kind belts, buckles & accessories online at www.jwcooper.com

For information or assistance on ordering our timeless pieces including sterling silver jewelry, onyx cuff links, and other luxury accessories for men and women, please email a message or call me personally.


Thank you.

Todd Rauchwerger


T: 305.975.4180
E: jwcooperbh@jwcooper.com