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The J.W. Cooper gallery is located at the world-renowned Bal Harbour Shops in Bal Harbour, Florida. Select J.W. Cooper merchandise such as custom belt buckles, sterling silver buckles, gold buckles and mens designer belts can be found exclusively at Cigar Club Tokyo, as well as other Cigar Club shops throughout Japan. The J.W. Cooper gallery offers a select collection of handcrafted custom accessories such as sterling silver jewelry including sterling silver buckles, sterling silver necklaces, sterling silver bracelets, timepiece cuff links, men's designer leather jackets, men's designer belts in a variety of exotic leather, solid gold belt buckles, trophy buckles, custom buckles, luxury pens, and more. Additionally, you will find the most interesting fine art such as mammoth tusk carvings, sculpture created from jet, turquoise and other rare semi-precious stones.

As you enter you will notice a beautiful painting by New Mexico artist Roseta Santiago.  Roseta has been painting commissioned works for J.W. Cooper for over a decade and her pieces in our gallery are available for sale through our concierge.

Roseta Santiago

At the age of five, Roseta remembers her father telling her to “color inside the lines” – a prophecy she would realize in Santa Fe, NM 50 years later. Roseta Santiago was born and raised in Washington, DC. Her Filipino father met her mother during the war while serving in the US Navy for 35 years.

Mystery and Light engulf the unique Western and Asian artifacts that are the subjects of her still life paintings. Recently she added portraits to her repertoire. Signed “Santiago,” her paintings exhibit precision, beauty and integrity she developed from that early childhood lesson.

She is a master storyteller about the images she paints. She is constantly taken with the beauty of the simplest of lines, the humblest of creations, and the beauty of faces with character created from within.

Visit Ms. Santiago’s website:

Lee Downey

Art as accessory is transcended only by fine art in its purest form: sculpture, carving, and illustration. Lee Downey is a J.W. Cooper artist chosen for his recognized style and museum quality workmanship.

Lee is a California native who has been making jewelry for over 35 years. He is now based in Bali with a family of craftsmen in a purpose built studio. They started in 1984 to grow the collaboration that creates this art and the work shows intense attention to detail, quality and style.

Starting out as a silversmith in Arizona and being immersed in the turquoise trade inspired a lifelong passion for the Rocks.

Years of traveling widely through Asia and generally getting the lay of the land has brought a design sense that reflects a fusion of cultures and times and places….unique and very much geared to the artist rather than the market.

Lee and J.W. Cooper have been working together for over 15 years, showcasing not only the unique buckles and accessories he has created but his original and thought provoking sculptures as well. You can see many pieces of his work in the Buckle Collection and Fine Art Sculptures areas within the J.W. Cooper website.