What I Wish My Wife Would Buy Me for Valentine’s Day

by Todd Rauchwerger

Valentine’s Day is just days away, and it’s time for us guys to start thinking about the gifts we’ll buy for the loves in our lives. You’re probably familiar with that subtle look of anxiety that washes over your wife’s face around gift-giving time. You know, the one that says, “Gosh! You’re so hard to shop for.” And on Valentine’s morning, you smile when she hands you a cutely wrapped pair of boxers with “Sweet Cheeks” blazing across the back, or another “I Heart My Wife” mug. She hopes you’ll like her gift but deep down inside she knows you don’t. If you truly are a guy who’s hard to shop for, and you don’t want another disappointing Valentine’s Day gift, make it easy on your wife and drop hints.

Men sometimes get a bad rap for not caring about the finer details, such as accessories. The truth is, though, we do care. Take a power suit, for example. Of course we want an awesome power buckle to complete that get-the-deal-done, self-made, Harvey Specter look. Nothing builds confidence and says “I got this!” like a handcrafted 14K gold or sterling silver buckle. Instead of splurging on such look-enhancers yourself, turn “you’re so hard to shop for” into “I can’t believe you’re this easy to shop for!” But be subtle about it. Show her pictures, and get her approval on how you’d look in a statement buckle. She’ll feel more connected to you and your style, so when Valentine’s Day rolls around, she’ll know exactly where to shop and what to buy for you.

When you pull on your coolest jeans, favorite cotton shirt, your badass hat, and aviator sunglasses for a weekend in wine country, she won’t know instinctively what you really want to complete your look. But you know exactly what you want showing over your slightly tucked shirt: A gleaming sterling silver belt buckle with an arresting longhorn motif, or a glistening pirate skull buckle with striking red enamel inlay, a jaw-dropping white mother-of-pearl face, and real taxidermy eyes. She won’t know that’s what you really want unless you start hinting now, and fast.

Valentine’s Day is probably the perfect time to get exactly what you want. Custom-made belt buckles are a really easy way to look and feel wealthy, all year long. And they’re easy for wives and girlfriends to pick out, too.