What A Man's Belt Buckle Says About His Personality

by Todd Rauchwerger

Any man can wear an Armani suit, but like a fine watch, his belt buckle expresses his true personality—from sporty to sophisticated. A buckle is more than functional, it is a man’s most visible accessory. If a buckle had a personality, it might fall into one of these four types. 

The Wall Street Buckle

Worn by the classic man who has a penchant for the finer things in life like fine aged Scotch, a good imported cigar and hand made Italian leather shoes. If he isn’t yet in the C-suite he has a clear path to get there. Able to spot a successful business deal from miles away he is smooth but knows how to get what he wants.  His style is elegant yet understated, like this 1 in 3 piece Solid Gold Belt Buckle Set:  

The Sportsman Buckle

The Sportsman Buckle is for the man who manages to incorporate sports into his daily activities, whether he is watching or playing. Evenings with friends tend to revolve around a good game and on weekends, if not after work, you'll find him on the links or driving range practicing his swing.  Always tanned from his outdoor activities he is focused and determined but fun to be around.  His choice is The Sterling Silver Buckle Set, hand fabricated by craftsmen.

The Explorer Buckle

Worn by the man with wanderlust who is always looking for the next adventure.  Exciting to be with and full of stories about his world travels and the interesting artifacts he has seen.  He enjoys collecting sophisticated symbols of his journeys that only those as well traveled as he will truly appreciate.  In his down time you'll find him racing, skiing, skydiving or surfing.  His style is unique and interesting, like the Sterling Silver Buckle with Pirate motif and scary eyes:

The Rebellious Buckle

Thrilling and sometimes a little dangerous to be around, The Rebellious Buckle is worn by the man of few words but a lot of action.  If he isn't a musician, he probably has a guitar or drum kit at home and a Harley in the garage.  You may see him in a corporate setting but at some point in his life he wore his hair long and is still proud of the tattoo he designed himself.  Whether suited up or out in jeans, his buckle is not shy to state an opinion, like the Sterling Silver Buckle with handmade iron cross and tribal scrolls:

Most men see themselves in more than one type depending on the day, so why limit yourself?  J.W. Cooper has a belt buckle to suit every personality and mood.  Find yours.