The Tradition of Americana Fine Art

by Todd Rauchwerger

For a country as diverse as the United States, defining American Culture becomes a study of regions. Sometimes described as a “melting pot”, our culture has been shaped by those of Native Americans, the English colonists, Latin Americans, Africans and Asians.

Americana Art is typically characterized as that which is contemporary and distinctive yet incorporates various elements of our roots as symbols or materials. With a slight nostalgia for the simpler times of Main Street USA, Harley Davidson motorcycles and Airstream trailers on the open road, famous Hollywood actors, American sports icons, rock and roll, R&B and country music it reflects the charm and nostalgia of our past. American sculpture is rich with symbols of our history including eagles, Native Americans, horses, saddles, antique cars, sports and music.

At J.W. Cooper some of our talented artists are Native Americans who craft our fine art buckles and sculptures by hand in the earliest traditions using materials such as sterling silver, turquoise, red coral, tiger eye, black onyx and leather. Characterized by smooth inlays or detailed carvings these pieces honor our heritage in a manner that is classic and always in style.

Witness the intricate craftsmanship in The Chief buckle pictured at left, carved deeply in sterling silver with 14K gold bands on the headdress and necklace.

A fine example of the timelessness of Native American artistry is the

sterling silver buckle with an inlay of black onyx and blue lapis stones pictured at right. 

The flexibility of this fine art buckle allows it to go as easily with a tailored suit as it does with your favorite pair of jeans.

For a truly exceptional piece of Americana fine art read about our one-of-a-kind Starry Night Harley Davidson here.