Auspicious Symbols: The Dragon As An Art Form In Carvings And Accessories

by Todd Rauchwerger

Although legendary, dragons have long been valued as ancient symbols of strength, power and good luck across cultures.

Believed to control water and weather in Asian cultures, dragons symbolized auspicious powers. The Emperor of China used the image of a dragon to demonstrate his imperial power and strength. Even in daily language the Chinese still compare people with outstanding achievements as dragons. Japanese dragons or legend are also believed to be water deities and symbols of strength, wisdom and longevity. Indian dragons are common to Hindu cultures and are more serpent like.

European dragons were influenced by that of ancient Asia and in fact the word “dragon” derives from the Green for “huge water serpent”. These dragons have a darker side and legends abound of them guarding treasure, being slain by knights and symbolizing treachery. During the Middle Ages, dragons became popular symbols on banners and emblems of authority and military strength.

With such rich legends ingrained across cultures it is no wonder the dragon is such a popular figure in art. From trophy buckles to necklaces and bracelets the J.W. Cooper fine artists express this symbol of power and strength in hand carvings, using sterling silver, 18K gold, mammoth ivory, black onyx and sparkling diamond eyes.

Our dragon trophy buckle is carved in Mammoth ivory over 10,000 years old and surrounded by Chinese lunar symbols. For those born in the year of the dragon, this Earth element is thought to be lucky, imaginative, artistic and charismatic. Regardless of birth year this dragon represents strength, power and courage.

This blue Tiger Eye beaded bracelet

is a more modern depiction with a sterling silver clasp and catch. An eye catching accessory for both men (yes bracelets for men are definitely “in”) and women, it adds a Bohemian flair to an apres-soleil outfit or a finishing touch peeking out from a fashion shirt. It’s simple, current styling blends colors and textures for a look to last.

However you choose to wear it, show your inner dragon with fine art accessories that complement today’s wardrobe and will stand the test of time. See our complete collection of dragon art buckles, jewelry and accessories made by hand.