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VoyageMIA Interviews Todd Rauchwerger about His Take on Unique Fashion

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Recently, VoyageMIA interviewed Todd Rauchwerger, the CEO of J.W. Cooper, to get his take on unique fashion and learn more about the history of the brand. The article provides a wealth of knowledge on cultivating a unique approach to fashion through luxury handmade accessories. Here are the top 3 takeaways from the interview:

Stay Unique

What sets J.W. Cooper apart is the commitment of the brand to unique one-of-a kind accessories. Their handmade leather belts, sterling silver belt buckles, and painstakingly crafted jewelry is a cultivated collection sourced from artisans around the world. Some of the most unique and striking pieces that have passed through J.W. Cooper’s showroom now reside in great homes. Take for example, the 1998 Custom Harley Davidson encased in Van Gogh’s Starry Night styled in glass mosaic and precious stones sold earlier this year. It is now a showcase piece that sits in a 40th floor, 3 story penthouse living room in South Beach overlooking the ocean. Whether it’s a work of art on this magnitude or a hand carved belt buckle or set of gold skull cufflinks, these unique modern art pieces reflect the originality and taste of their owners who quite simply refuse to look like just another suit.

Perseverance is Key

In the interview Rauchwerger details his history in the industry. Tracing his path from starting out as a sales associate earning only $3.50/hr. Rauchwerger states his main goal at that time was to raise gas money. However, his perseverance and passion led him to leverage that low-paying job into a decades long career in the specialty retail market. After only 1.5 years, he became the general manager of J.W. Cooper. Later, he bought out the entire company to take the brand in its current unique, luxury, handmade direction. This perseverance carries over into J.W. Cooper’s commitment to sourcing the most unique and limited production luxury accessories from artisans around the world who create the pieces by hand using gold, silver, precious stones, Mother Of Pearl, Tiger Eye and rare materials such as Mammoth Ivory. 

Original Style Made By Hand

Due to Rauchwerger's unending dedication to fine materials, The J.W. Cooper brand has success in the luxury market of top American cities, with their flagship location in the Bel Harbour Shops celebrating it's 25th anniversary next year. The brand also had an influential location in central New York City for a decade, satiating The Big Apple's thirst for unique stand-out accessories from 2004-2014. The painstakingly crafted luxury accessories J.W. Cooper offers bring with them a sense of history surrounding the artists who work tirelessly to create these one-of-a-kind pieces. Rauchwerger’s commitment to handmade accessories has allowed him to make lasting connections with jewelers across the world. These global connections fill the showroom’s shelves with limited edition and distinctive items. Handmade accessories like sterling silver belt buckles, cufflinks and jewelry make the perfect statement piece for any outfit.

If you’d like to  learn more about J.W. Cooper’s dedication to unique fashion, contemporary accessories, luxury handmade jewelry and more, pass by the gallery in The Shops At Bal Harbour, call the store at 305-570-3026 or shop online.

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